Here is a LINK to the entire first challenge post.









Here is the avatar maker site I used to make this awesome avatar.


Task 1: Create your avatar
Task 2: Create your “About Me Page”

You might want to include:

  • You first name
  • Your approximate location (even just state or country)
  • Your age or grade level
  • Some of your interests
  • What your blog is all about. Tell us what you’ll be writing about

Task 3: Visit Other Blogs and comment. There is a list of other blogs with students the same age as you on my  ‘Other Blog’s Page’

Task 4: Submit Your Post URL ⬇

If you want a commenter and other participants to visit your blog, remember to fill in the form below for each activity you complete this week.

You need to submit the URL of your post (or your About page).

Here is the LINK TO THE FORM

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