Week 2…The Challenge… QUALITY Comments

The difference between

“Cool Blog” “Awesome” “Great job!”


I love the videos you show on your blogs they are really beautiful and inspiring ! I love the message it gave on never giving up and always

 trying! I try to have the mind set on trying my best and making you proud Sling. How do you always find the most perfect videos to go with your blogs?

Here are ten reasons why Kathleen Morris believes comments are important:

  1. Comments turn your blog from a static space to an interactive space. This means it’s not just you talking. There is interaction.
  2. Back and forth conversations are fun and you can learn a lot.
  3. Because comments are not instantaneous (like online chat or text messaging), you can have more time to reflect, research, or think about your response.
  4. When someone leaves a comment, they can leave feedback, constructive criticism, or give you new ideas. This can help you grow and learn.
  5. A commenter might suggest something that you didn’t include in your post. You can learn new perspectives.
  6. When you have an authentic (real) audience, it’s more motivating! You know someone will read your post, so you will probably put more effort into it than if you were just writing something in a notebook.
  7. Commenting can be an ideal way for busy parents to get involved in the classroom.
  8. You can learn how to interact politely and how to have conversations.
  9. You can meet new people and form friendships.
  10. Students who don’t have their own blogs can enjoy the benefits of blogging by being a participant in the comment section.

I absolutely LOVED how Mrs. Vazquez made a commenting poster using Thinglink. If you hover over the blue circles you’ll find more information! (We definitely need to try this out!)

Timeline guidelines to help and keep you on track

Monday & Tuesday:
Create Commenting guidelines in partners or on your own, you can use a video, Screencastify, a poster a webpage or your own idea!
Post your guidelines to your page

Wednesday: Comment on AT LEAST 2 other blogs.

Thursday: Write a post about your experience. Why you chose the blogs you did to comment on, what your comment was about, if you heard back from the other blogger share that experience etc…

When you have completed the tasks remember to complete the FORM HERE!

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