Awesome Class + Challenge 2 Complete = One Proud Teacher

This week, the challenge was to come up with instructions for how to write a Quality Comment after reading someone’s blog.

I do not have the words to express how proud I am of how hard my class worked on this challenge. On day 1 they formed groups. Each group was expected to create a slide on one way to write a Quality Comment. They did such a great job with this that I wanted to push it further. After some thought, and running it past the powers that be, we decided to try out our schools Green Screen for the first time.

This was AMAZING! What an awesome experience. Our incredible SERT Ms. Kettle took a few students (shout out to Courtney, Grace and Baily), for the trial run. These three students did such a fabulous job that they then became the directors of this project, running takes, cutting takes, editing, and adding relevant images.

On top of having great directors, our actors were INCREDIBLE! They ran through what they were going to say once, then went right to recording. Each of these students worked so hard and I am so happy with the finished product. We still have some work to do, BUT for a first run, I am so incredibly proud of their hard work.

***Although not all of the students in our class are in the video, they contributed behind the scenes. ***

Please Take a look at Our Video on How to Write a Quality Blog Comment

I have also included the slideshow the students created as step 1 so that you are able to see the process they went through.

7 thoughts on “Awesome Class + Challenge 2 Complete = One Proud Teacher

  1. Hi Mrs. Slings class,
    I love your post on quality comments! I’m about to publish a post just like this very soon! I noticed you put superheroes in the top lefthand corner, what is your favorite? I would love it if you could visit my blog:

    • Hi Wyatt,
      thanks for the positive comment! We will definitely check out your blog. Can you also send us back a link to your class blog? I couldn’t find it on your page:)
      The group who was in charge of that page included the superhero’s. My favourite superhero though is Wonderwoman.
      Ms. Slingerland

  2. You guys did an awesome job on this assignment! I love the graphics in the background, the music, and clear messages. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs!

  3. Hello from Miss Blessing’s class in Vermont. We are so impressed! We are using your video to help us review commenting before we start on next week’s turns. Thank you for sharing such high quality information.

  4. Hello Slingsclass!
    Thank you so much for the excellent work that you did to create this video. I think it will help my students a lot as they venture from practice on paper to the real blogging world soon. I will show it to them soon and let you know what they thought.
    Do you have any advice for first time student bloggers that they really need to know before they go “live”?
    Mrs. Kulak

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