Happy Holidays

It’s time to CELEBRATE the holidays!

This week is all about sharing your favourite holidays. My favourite holiday is Christmas. It has been my favourite holiday since I was a child. I start decorating our house with my kids November 12th. Christmas carols are on my radio station as soon as they start!

Even though I’m 35 I still spend the entire Christmas break with my family. I pack up my kids and we move for the week. We spend a a few days with my husbands side of the family. This year we are having a potluck on the 23rd and all of his family is going to come and stay at his sisters resort. After we visit there we are heading to my parents place. We will got to church Christmas Eve then have a lobster dinner once the kids are in bed. Santa comes to my parents and brings my children presents there. We spend Christmas day in our PJ’s playing games, doing crafts and watching movies. This year because my sisters can’t get home in time we will save our Turkey dinner until the 26th. My sisters will both be home for a few days and we will have more gifts and more family time. During the Christmas holidays I take time to read a book and do a puzzle. I look forward to this relaxing time every year.
Two weeks of time with my children, my husband, and my family make me feel so incredibly blessed, and I am counting down the days until the festivities begin!


Task 1: Family Celebrations

Think of all the holidays, festivals, or celebrations that are important to your family. Write a blog post about this.

  • You could make a list of your family’s celebrations with a short description for each one, or
  • You could choose one celebration to explain in more detail.

Don’t forget to include lots of information about your holiday so your readers can get a clear understanding of this special day/season.

You could include things like:

  • The time of year/date it’s celebrated.
  • What you do to celebrate? Are there special costumes, decorations, music, lights, food, prayers etc?
  • Do people give each other gifts?
  • Who is involved in the celebration? Do you visit other people or host family and friends?
  • What special memories do you have?

Task 2: Photo Spark

Often, holidays and celebrations include different decorations, food, costumes, or other objects.

Think of a celebration that’s important in your family and share a photo of something that represents that holiday.

Write a reflection to give readers an idea of the significance of this object.

Task 3: Spice Up Your Blog With Mrs. Vazquez

Your house or classroom isn’t the only place you can decorate for the holidays, why not decorate your blog?

Alethea Vazquez is a wonderful teacher who is a commenter and a past STUBC participant. She has been very busy helping us with this task.

Head to Mrs. Vazquez’s “Christmas Fun” blog to get lots of ideas for themes, backgrounds, widgets, countdowns, music, puzzles and more!

Tip: Decorating your blog is fun but make sure your visitors can still read your posts amongst all the colour and action.

If you decorate your blog, you might want to write a post about it telling others what you did. You can then submit your post in the Google Form below.


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