For Comment: Other Blogs

Here are the links to other classes around the world participating in our challenge. Remember a good comment has:

1: Introduce yourself, your first name, age, from Ontario Canada
2.A positive SPECIFIC comment (NOT… that is cool…)
3. A relation… this remind me of.. I like this too… I also play….
4. A question to try and start a dialogue.


Kathy Ramsey Edublogs USA 12-15
Austin Peterson Edublogs USA 12-15
Jae Schock  Edublogs  Romania  12-15
Frances Campbell Edublogs New Zealand 12-15
David James Edublogs United States 12-15
Christy Smith  Edublogs  Canada 12-15
Amber Calhoun  Edublogs  USA 12-15
 Ms. Mack  Edublogs  North Carolina Gr.6


Cindy Vietnam 11
Listening music and sports
Darcy Ireland 11
gaelic and football
Jenny Vietnam 11
play with friend,play with my family
Kelvin Ireland 11 boxing football
Aoisa Ireland 11
reading and Baking
Yusrah Nigeria 11
reading and writing
Ronan Ireland 12
driving the lawn mower and running
Diezel Ireland 12 Football, running